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Lilac invasion –Late last year, Bruce Blair and Phil Smith floated the idea that it would would be fantastic to gather the lilac faithful for a visit to Hot August Nights  Car Show in Reno,  Nevada, USA as Bruce’s place was just a few miles away in Carson City

This sounded like  fun – and sparked a conversation that stretched across the globe.

The concept was simple enough – it was the logistics that was a little daunting for some of us at first.

Firstly I will mention the Morris Minor Million players:

Phil Smith  – England

Ted  Brooke– Wales

Graham  VanHagan– Scotland / USA

Richard  Mckellar– Australia

And of course Bruce Blair 'All mighty' – USA


Bruce presented us with Nevada Number Plates with the registration numbers of our cars. This was a nice surprise and we posed for a photo to document the occasion.

Over the next few days, Hot August Nights played out with Car Park Displays, Car Auctions, Swap Meet, Drifting and Bands.

Around 7,000 classic vehicles participated –which included 5 of Bruce’s  Morris Minors

Richard Mckellar