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I’ve had her for 31 years & and I’ve run the register for 22. It’s for sale from the 1st Aug this year 

It’s had two re sprays while I’ve had her and is quite original in many ways. 

New gearbox fitted and runs like a dream. Kept in a heated garage for many years 

I’ m asking 18k which is non negotiable includes all the bits of spares ( many off scrapped Millions) &  many books related  to Morris Minors and a folder full of stuff, a few models of Millions too. 

The only things which are not original are it hasn’t got the original number plate as it was sold before I bought it anyway  but I’ve managed to find a very close match  2838 TR  was ( 2861 TR) after taking off my 1 MLL plate. It has electronic ignition too.  Bodywork, it’s got a couple of scratches on the near side rear wing.

It hasn’t got the parcel shelf fitted but I have  a new one and the old one around. Just didn’t like it so took it out otherwise it’s as good as you’re going to get with a non rebuild Minor.     

Ps I’m not a fella who polishes the engine bay .. it’s more important that it all works .. I have a really good mechanic, I only do about 1k miles a year in it if that and have it serviced every 2 years unless I’m going on a long journey to a rally . The brakes always need looking at and have lots  of new cylinders over the recent years . 

Interior , the back  seat is original the two fronts seats were re -made before I bought it in 92 .. and look like leather but aren’t . I’ve replaced the door  cards and at the back too . I have some off a scrapped million or you want to be really authentic . 

I’m quite proud of her and is a very good wedding car . 

Contact me if youre interested Phil on 07790940909 or by the register's email

now sold, sorry